Like most things in life…maintaining a healthy body is simple (not EASY!). Eat the right foods, workout everyday and get adequate sleep.

Here is a list of my “go to” workouts. I do a mix of all of these.

Helpful Tips
The LAST rep is the only one that matters. Have a lifting partner to make sure you completely exhaust the muscle on the last rep. Doesn’t matter if you do 1, 5, 10, or 100 reps…the LAST rep should be to failure.

Technique is EVERYTHING! The weight you use is secondary to your technique. Never sacrifice technique for more weight.

Full body lifts are better than isolating smaller muscle groups. That is the way the body was meant to be used.

Trust the process and stay committed. Results are inevitable if you continue to push yourself and stick to your plan.

Barbell Workout
The best exercises to build muscle.
– Squat (The Smith Machine is better for safety reasons over the free squat)
– Bench
– Military Press
– Chins/Pull-ups
– Clean
– DEADLIFT (The #1 exercise for full body)

Calisthenics (body weight exercises can give you great functional muscle).
Muscle-Ups, L-Sit Hangs, Dips, Handstands, Pistol Squats
Planche, Front Lever, Flag (I can’t do these…yet.)

Circuit Workouts
For MAXIMUM results in minimum time.
2-3 rounds of 60 seconds w/ 15 second rest (you can lower the round length if 60 is too difficult)
– Goblet Squat (40 lbs)
– Mountain Climbers
– Kettle Swing (40 lbs) – 30 seconds each arm
– T Push-Ups (15 lbs)
– Split Jump
– Bent Over Row (40 lbs) – 30 seconds each arm
– Side Lunge or Cossack Squats (40 lbs)
– Push-Up Row (15 lbs)
– Lunge Rotation (40 lbs)
– Overhead Press (15 lbs)

300 Workout (My PR is 26:12)
– 25 Pull-Ups – I do legit pull-ups…not kipping.
– 50 Deadlifts (135 lbs)
– 50 Push-Ups
– 50 Box Jumps (24″ box)
– 50 Floor Wipers (135 lbs)
– 50 Single-Arm Clean & Press (35 lbs) – 50 on each arm!
– 25 Pull-Ups

Keep it fun and switch it up
Treadmill, Stairmaster, Lateral Machine, Eliptical, Run Outside, Swimming, Boxing, Basketball, Rock Climbing, Tennis, Raquetball

Yoga (The “Down Dog” App is great!)
Foam Roller (for stretching)
Steam Room/Sauna
Cold Plunge/Ice Bath – This is great to strengthen your WILL POWER!!

Abs – just a couple sets to MAX reps. Build lactic acid then stop. Otherwise you will “bulk” abs if you do too many sets.