1) Lighthouse
© Copyright 2018 – Brett Gillan, Matt Houston

This world’s got a way of bein’ so cruel
Breakin’ you down and leavin’ you bruised

Oh but you hide your pain with a smile on your face, it’s true
So nobody can see the hurt that you’re goin’ through

I’ll be your light house
Baby I’ll shine down
Through the wind and the waves
When you can’t find your way
Oh then just find me

There’s no need to be scared
I’ll always be there
When you’re torn apart
And lost in the dark
Like a ship at sea

I’ll be your light house

When hard times come like they always do
You’re always the anchor to hold those around you

Oh but you build your walls to keep everyone out, it’s true
So if you get off course there’s no one there to guide you


When the sky and tears are fallin’
Just fall in my arms

2) Nothing Between Us
© Copyright 2018 – Brett Gillan, Matt Houston, Jessie Smith

I hear the rumors goin’ round this sleepy town tonight
They say when you look at me they can see the fire
We tell ’em that there’s nothin’ between us, yeah we just deny it
And we can keep it up cause baby we ain’t lyin’

There’s nothin’ between us
Once we close that door
Clothes stripped off on the bedroom floor
Lights turned down low
Candlelight shadow

There’s nothin’ between us
Not even room to breathe
Body heat risin’ under the sheets
Kissin’ on your shoulder
I couldn’t pull you closer
There’s nothin’ between us

Every time we’re out we’re lookin’ round the room
We act like we don’t care like we’re unaware of the truth
We tell ‘em that there’s nothin’ between us but, baby who are we foolin’
We keep playin’ games but we both know what we’re doin’


Baby you know this town
And if they find out word’ll get around
And this good thing we found
They’ll burn it right down to the ground
So they don’t need to know right now

3) How Can I Not
© Copyright 2018 – Brett Gillan, Madeline McDonald, Robbie Artress

First love, he did everything right from what I could see
Til I walked in, saw them in the bed sheets I was only eighteen

I thought he was the one, I thought I was in love but I was just naive
I lost who I was then, I won’t be that girl again I was so trusting

How can I not build up all these walls
And wonder if you’ll do the same thing to me
Love me just to use me

How can I not question if you’ll stay
Or just give up and keep me second guessin‘
I think I learned my lesson
How can I not

I wish I didn’t have to say this, I know you’re not him
It’s not your fault I put you in the same box but that’s the way it is

I’m tryin’ to fight it every single day
But the truth is it’s useless cause I still feel the pain


If you really want this – I gotta be cautious
If you really want this – I gotta be cautious
If you really want this – I gotta be cautious
I’ve got to be cautious

4) Still Holding On To You
© Copyright 2017 – Brett Gillan, Kayliann Lowe, Doug Lowe

I try to kiss her long enough to fool my mind
I try to love her strong enough to make it feel like

The way it used to
Oh the way it used to

It’s not the same no matter what I say or do
I can lie all day but every night I face the truth
She don’t know that when she’s holdin’ me I’m still holdin’ on to you

I tell my friends you’re nothin’ but a faded memory
I tell myself that I’ve moved on where lonely can’t find me

So I pull her closer
Yeah I pull her closer


To you and all the pain that hasn’t left since the day you left

5) Up For Anything
© Copyright 2018 – Brett Gillan, Dan Couch, Chris Cavanaugh

We could take a long ride down an old dirt road
Out where the wild things grow
And park by a quite creek
That’d be alright with me

But then again there’s a bar on Main Street
Playin’ 80’s rock and country
Or we could find somewhere in-between
Where the gravel and the asphalt meet

I’m up – up – I’m up for anything
It really don’t matter at all it’s your call pretty little thing
Climb up – up – and we can get on down this road
Wherever we go whatever we do
I’m up for anything with you – anything with you

So are you thinkin’ candlelight, wine and sushi
Drive out to a drive-in movie
Sit there underneath the stars
Keep you warm in my arms

Or maybe we go shoot some guns
Take these tires, spin some mud
Yeah baby, tell me
What’s it gonna be


Yeah, as long as I got
That fire in your eyes
Burnin’ in mine
Til the moon meets the sun rise

Wherever we go whatever we do
I’m up for anything with you
Whatever you wanna do, girl
I’m up for anything with you
6) Wild Card
© Copyright 2018 – Brett Gillan, Eric Burgett, Clayton Severson

You can sit at the table
To prove you’re willing and able
Ante up, place your bet on Lady Luck in the red dress
But the only problem is

She’s a wild card
Knows every rule to break
And her wild heart
Oh it just keeps (on) raising the stakes

Throw her in the mix
Get drunk on her kiss
You think you know just how to play
(But) she’s a wild card
And she’s changin’ the game

Once my life was a gamble
And love burnt out like a candle
I was cold could never win
Would have to fold with my chips in
Til my hand lit up with her in it


Throw her in the mix
Get drunk on her kiss
You think you know just how to play
But she’s a wild card and her wild heart is changin’ the game
7) Got It Goin’ On
© Copyright 2017 – Brett Gillan, Rob Blackledge

She’s burnin’ through the room like a short lit fuse
A black powder keg that’s about to go boom
Frayed daisy dukes, cowboys boots
Make a redneck boy wonder what he gonna do

More than a 10 she’s country dime
The needle in the hay you never thought you’d find
Hotter than a bonfire blazing on a summer night

She’s the reason that we’re
Out here drinkin’ thinkin’
Maybe one of us has a chance
Gonna take a shot maybe ask her to dance

Lord, she’s makin’ me go
Oh so crazy
She’s a six shooter with the hammer back
She got it goin’ on – got it goin’ on like that

She’s a pedal all the way done cut the breaks
I’m fresh out the cage and ready to rage
A line ’em up, throw ’em back, party machine
She don’t know it yet but she’s leavin’ with me – ha


She’s got it goin’ on like a country song
DJ gonna play it for ya all night long
We can tip a cup from dusk til dawn
Gonna get it on cause she’s got it goin’ on

Dressed down in that tore up tee
She looks so fine when she’s lookin’ at me
Like a Marlboro Red makes it hard to breathe
But it ain’t hard to see